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MajiLabs is your AI trained SDR that helps you schedule meetings & close deals effortlessly by tailoring emails to every lead’s unique traits.

Mass Emails

Who Uses MajiLabs?

Explore how different sectors benefit from optimized email campaigns with MajiLabs.

Great Fit
Startup Founders

Leverage MajiLabs for personalized outreach to investors and customers, speeding up growth. Closing more meetings with investors & growing their early customer base faster.


Email Improvement: +40%

Great Fit
B2B Tech Companies

Target potential business clients with tailored content and recommendations. This approach enhances lead nurturing and qualification, focusing efforts on high-potential prospects

Close DealsAutomation
Client Acquisition

Email Improvement: +65%

Good Fit
Ecommerce and Marketing

Achieve higher engagement and sales by tailoring content to match consumer behavior. Drives both customer satisfaction and revenue growth.


Email Improvement: +51%

Good Fit

MajiLabs caters to a wide range of other sectors, travel and hospitality, Financial Services, Consulting Firms, Students seeking jobs and more.

Create Personalized Campaings & Track Results

Personalized Email Campaigns

Tailor every email to each lead’s unique traits, and send 100s of personalized emails with a single click. Enhance engagement effortlessly.

Email Campaigns

Broadcast Email Campaigns

Launch effective broadcast campaigns using to deliver a consistent message across your entire recipient base. Ideal for announcements, newsletters, and updates. Maximizing visibility and engagement with minimal effort.

Email Campaigns

Wide Variety of Personalization Parameters

Leverage cutting-edge AI to craft unique email experiences. Customize the degree of personalization, tone, length, greetings, calls-to-action...effortlessly. Select characteristics of the lead and add personalized URLs for a truly engaging touch.

Characteristics of the lead

Choose which characteristics of the lead you want the AI to use to write the email. We dont do basic personalization like these other ESPs, we use and interpret the selected traits to craft a tailored and engaging email that resonates with the lead

Characteristics of the lead
Email Script

Import one of your previous email scripts so the AI can adapt to your communication style.

Characteristics of the lead

Choose from a range of tones, from professional to casual, to match your audience’s preferences.

Characteristics of the lead

Select the language that best suits your recipient for a more personal touch.

Characteristics of the lead

Customize the greeting to make each recipient feel uniquely acknowledged.

Characteristics of the lead

Adjust the length of your email to convey your message succinctly or in detail.

Characteristics of the lead
Call To Action

Inspire recipients to take the desired action with a compelling CTA.

Characteristics of the lead
CTA link

Add personalized links to direct recipients to the next step seamlessly.

Characteristics of the lead
Email Signature

Include a professional signature to add credibility and a personal touch.

Characteristics of the lead

Hubspot Integration with Majilabs

With integration into HubSpot, each sent email is a new opportunity to enrich your CRM data. Contact information, including personalized email content, is automatically updated in your HubSpot account in real-time, keeping your records accurate and current with minimal effort.

Gmail Integration with Majilabs

With Majilabs, connecting your Gmail inbox is effortless. Users seamlessly link their Gmail accounts, granting Majilabs access securely. This integration allows users to send emails directly from Majilabs, leveraging Gmail’s familiarity.

In Alignment with Gmail’s Security Standards

Conversational Mastery
Upload past email exchanges with clients to train our AI model for crafting naturally tailored and customized emails. Our AI learns from your unique interactions, ensuring every message reflects your distinct style and resonates effortlessly with your audience
Unlock Peak Performance & Unbeatable Value
Choose Your Email Superpower Pack 🚀
Designed for users to explore our features and initiate comprehensive A/B testing to assess and enhance the performance of their email campaigns
  • Personalize 100 emails
  • Send up to 100 emails
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Hubspot Connectivity
  • Email Translation
  • Unlimited Templates
For individuals on a budget and with limited time
  • Personalize 1000 emails
  • Send up to 5000 emails
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Hubspot Connectivity
  • Email Translation
  • Unlimited Templates
Most Popular
For startups, small teams and busy individuals aiming to streamline sales outreach and grow their client base fast
  • Personalize 6500 emails
  • Advanced Personalization
  • Send up 20000 emails
  • Hubspot Connectivity
  • Unlimited Campaigns + tracking
  • Email Translation
  • Unlimited Templates
Tailored for mid to large-size corporations with robust sales outreach, our Enterprise Plan offers unrivaled features to elevate your communication strategy.
  • 25000+ personalized emails
  • Ultra Advanced Personalization
  • Unlimited Sending
  • Unlimited Campagins + tracking
  • Unlimited Imports
  • Email Translation
  • Unlimited Templates

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